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“Aquaman” To Get Horror Spin-Off “The Trench”


DC’s “Aquaman” came out last year and is still going strong in the movie theaters.

Now, it has been revealed that it will be getting a horror movie spin-off called “The Trench”.
The spin-off will be about the Trench creatures in the original movie.

Since the producer of Aquaman, James Wan, is one of the horror masters himself, he is also set to produces the spin-off.

In the book “The Art and Making Of Aquaman” the monsters are described as the following:

“The Trench were just any other Atlanteans before the Great Fall. After Atlantis and its various people migrated to different locations, the Trench mutated and adapted to their surroundings in the deepest, darkest point of the ocean: the Mariana Trench. Over thousands of years, they devolved into primal, sharp-clawed monsters with exposed gills and an aversion to light.”

Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald are going to write the script and James Wan and Peter Safran will produce the movie.

The spin-off is also mentioned in the book by Peter Safran:
“We created an animatic version of that scene and showed the studio and it harkened back to James Wan’s pure horror days. It’s like “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, but the 2018 version. It’s pure horror, it’s fantastic, and I think it’s one of the things that really got the green light for the movie.”

It has already been revealed that the spin-off will not have the same cast as “Aquaman”.

You can check out the Trench monsters in the Aquaman scene below:

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