Against The Current

Against The Current are one of Fueled By Ramen’s most excited pop-rock bands.
The band consists of frontwoman Chrissy Costanza, Will Ferri and Dan Glow. The band picked up steam fast due to Chrissy Costanza’s existing fan base on YouTube. Against The Current released a bunch of covers online and worked together with other big musician YouTubers before releasing their own music. In 2016, Against The Current released their debut album ‘In Our Bones’, which was praised by media worldwide and saw the band perform headliner shows all over the globe. Following a relentless touring schedule, Against The Current somehow managed to squeeze in time to work on new music, and released their sophomore album ‘Past Lives’ in 2018.

In between of the two albums, Against The Current worked together with Alan Walker to release the track ‘Legends Never Die’, This track was created for League of Legends’ world series and was performed live at the finals in front of thousands and thousands of League of Legends fans.

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