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INTERVIEW: A Small Catch-Up With Crossfaith

We spoke to Crossfaith at Dutch festival Jera On Air for a small catch-up. The band was ecstatic to return to Europe after uncertain times and even though they have not yet announced new music, it’s been years since we chatted with the band. So, we figured it was time to reconnect!

How are you guys doing today?
Kenta: Very good. This is our very first show in The Netherlands since COVID. So we were super excited to be back. In Japan, we still have strict rules about concerts and live shows. No moshing and crowd surfing, they can’t even sing along, which sucks.
Hiroki: Yeah, no sing-alongs and they have to wear masks.
Kenta: So here we really unleashed. It’s a nice break.Hiroki: It’s very special to play here in front of you guys again.

You haven’t been sitting still, is there a record coming as well?
Kenta: We are working towards making and writing songs, but we don’t have a plan yet for an album. We just need more time to build it.
Hiroki: It’s been a while, we know, haha.

Let’s talk about the most recent single, Gimme Danger with Ralph, the cover is wild. Can you tell us more about that, what inspired it?
Kenta: We talked about it and spent a long time deciding covers and designers and the theme as well. We finally found an amazing guy.
Hiroki: He mainly does air spray and he made this for us in real.
Kenta: He didn’t make it on the PC or anything like that.

Let’s go back to the beginning, you are one of a kind, you have such a unique sound. How did you create it?
Hiroki: There were no bands that mixed metal and electric sounds in Japan and we were really into The Prodigy.
Kenta: And The Chemical Brothers.
Hiroki: At the same time we really liked the metalcore sounds like Parkway Drive and we just made it. Firstly, we decided to cover Omen by The Prodigy and the process of covering that song gave us lots of inspiration.
Kenta: So it was very natural. Where we’re from, there is no scene like this. There is just us. So we couldn’t get any inspiration from the neighbours. We are very individual.

Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?
Kenta: Beer.
Hiroki: Watching the live shows from my idol bands.
Kenta: And right before the set we all get together and do a chant

Is there anything that you love to eat here that is not common in Japan?Kenta: I like Bratwurst, the one from Germany!Hiroki: Food in Europe, in general, is amazing, we love the catering here.
Since we spoke to them, Crossfaith have announced two tours, one in Europe and one in North America, so be sure to get your tickets!

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Glenn van den Bosch