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Dogstar @ Rock Am Ring 2024

ROCK AM RING 2024: Dogstar Bring The Storytelling Rock To Germany

It’s time to buckle up and dive headfirst into the world of one of Europe’s biggest celebrations of rock & metal music. Rock Am Ring 2024, where music enthusiasts from all walks of life unite under the banner of rock ‘n’ roll. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we witness the power of rock, metal and everything in between in all its glory. Rock Am Ring 2024 promises to be a monumental chapter in the festival’s storied history and you’ll find all the coverage you need right here at Strife Mag.

Halfway through the day, the band Dogstar played the Mandora stage, which is the second stage of the festival. Even though the timeslot and the stage, a lot of people came out to see the band perform. For anyone who might be wondering the same, it might have to do with who their bassist is: movie star Keanu Reeves. Dogstar are a serious band, consisting of 3 friends who, according to their bio, are storytellers through their rock music and came back 23 years after releasing their debut album with the brand new effort Somewhere Between The Power Lines and Palm Trees.

Their sound, blending alternative rock with a touch of grunge, resonated well with the festival-goers. The band’s performance felt both polished and genuine. Vocalist and guitarist Bret Domrose’s vocals were strong and emotive, and his guitar work was impressive, providing a perfect balance to Reeves‘ steady basslines and Robert Mailhouse’s dynamic drumming.

Check out some of the images of the band’s epic performance right below and let us know if you are going to see Dogstar live during the festival season. Stay tuned to all our Rock Am Ring coverage by following our socials over on XInstagram and Facebook.


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