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Beartooth @ Rock Am Ring 2024

ROCK AM RING 2024: Beartooth Play Headline-Worthy Show

It’s time to buckle up and dive headfirst into the world of one of Europe’s biggest celebrations of rock & metal music. Rock Am Ring 2024, where music enthusiasts from all walks of life unite under the banner of rock ‘n’ roll. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we witness the power of rock, metal and everything in between in all its glory. Rock Am Ring 2024 promises to be a monumental chapter in the festival’s storied history and you’ll find all the coverage you need right here at Strife Mag.

Beartooth have been on a steady rise ever since they burst out onto the scene. Due to the steady growth, the band have now entered the era in which they are playing late-night lengthier slots at festivals, and can even be considered to headline on festivals catered to metal and rock audiences. Last year, Beartooth were one of the closing acts on Jera On Air, a privilege which they took very seriously. That night, Beartooth truly brought it all. CO2 cannons, pyro, confetti, everything was present. Little did we know that Beartooth are on a quest to outdo themselves from one year ago, because at Rock Am Ring 2024 that is exactly what they did.

The show started a bit odd, with just frontman Caleb Shomo coming onto the stage with little to no special effect. He looked around in awe at the absolutely massive crowd before the rest of the band came out and they kicked off proceedings with Sunshine!, taken from their 2023 album The Surface. A little into the song, the crowd was sprayed with confetti and the tone was set for the rest of the evening.

Beartooth have garnered an astonishing amount of fans throughout the years really with a steady stream of great music. They haven’t experienced a sudden burst of popularity like, for example, Bad Omens have in recent years. For Beartooth, slow and steady has won the race because the crowd that gathered for their headline-worthy set is exceptional. In return for the huge turnout, Beartooth truly pulled out all the stops for their show. The aforementioned pyro, CO2 cannons and confetti were even joined by fireworks on the stage, as well as behind the stage for the entire festival to see when the last notes of the set closer In-Between were played.

As for the setlist, even with the steady rise, the focus was on the 2023 album The Surface, with the title track even making its live debut. Halfway through the set, Caleb Shomo grabbed his acoustic guitar and played an acoustic rendition of The Killers’ Mr. Brightside. After the first verse and chorus, Shomo quickly returned to original material and started playing Look The Other Way on his own. Not too long into the song, the rest of the band came back on stage to finish the song in full swing.

Beartooth have the festival headliner show figured out, even to the little acoustic interlude in the middle and the fireworks show at the end, this show brought as many gimmicks as a Green Day show. If we count a buttoning or unbuttoning of a shirt as a wardrobe change, Shomo even took inspiration from Taylor Swift and graced the stage in a total of 8 different outfits to compliment the song being played.

Beartooth have truly outdone themselves once again. Here’s to hoping we get the same treatment at their headliner tour in Europe taking place later this year with Polaris and LANDMVRKS!

Check out some of the images of the band’s epic performance right below and let us know if you are going to see Beartooth live during the festival season. Stay tuned to all our Rock Am Ring coverage by following our socials over on X, Instagram and Facebook.


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