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I Prevail @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: I Prevail Play Biggest Dutch Show To-Date

After more than a year away, I Prevail made a spectacular return to the Netherlands for their most ambitious show yet. The band’s previous visits included two sold-out performances, one at Melkweg with a capacity of 1,500 and another in Tilburg, where they played to 3,000 enthusiastic fans. This time, I Prevail aimed even higher by taking on the prestigious AFAS Live, a venue capable of holding 6,000 people. While the concert did not officially sell out, the venue was packed to the brim, with all areas open and filled with eager fans, underscoring the band’s significant and growing popularity. Before embarking on this massive tour, we had the privilege to catch up with Eric Vanlerberghe to chat about the tour and upcoming I Prevail plans. Read all about it right here.

The European tour faced a significant hurdle just before it began. Brian Burkheiser, one of the band’s two vocalists known for his melodic, clean vocals contributions, was unable to join due to health complications from Eagle Syndrome. Brian shared his struggles via social media, explaining how the condition prevented him from singing on this tour. His absence was undoubtedly felt, and fans across the continent wished him a speedy recovery and hoped for his quick return to the stage.

In light of Brian’s absence, guitarist Dylan Bowman stepped up to fill the void. He took on many of Brian’s vocal duties alongside Eric Vanlerberghe, the other half of the dynamic vocal duo. Dylan’s impressive vocal abilities ensured that the band’s performance remained strong and cohesive, allowing the tour to proceed smoothly despite the setback.

The setlist for the evening leaned heavily on their latest album, TRUE POWER, featuring nine songs from the record. This was complemented by fan favorites from their sophomore album, TRAUMA including Gasoline, Hurricane and Bow Down, who have all garnered more than a hundred million streams since release. Songs from their debut album were notably missing from the night’s performance. This focus on newer material showcased the band’s evolution and current artistic direction.

A highlight of the concert came midway through the set when I Prevail performed their famous cover of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. This cover, released in 2014, was a pivotal moment in their career, propelling them into the spotlight. The crowd’s reaction confirmed that the song remains a beloved part of their repertoire, demonstrating the band’s ability to connect with audiences through both original songs and unique covers.

To enhance their live performance, I Prevail incorporated a massive screen behind them, adding a visual narrative to their set. The screen displayed imagery that complemented the themes of their lyrics, which often delve into mental health struggles. This multimedia approach added depth to their performance, adding a storytelling aspect to the show. One particularly striking moment was the introduction to the song FWYTYK (Fuck What You Think You Know), where the screen presented the thought-provoking idea that “reality is perception, and perception is reality.”

Witnessing I Prevail’s journey from their early days to their current status as major players in the rock scene has been a privilege. Their rise has been meteoric, and their continued success is well-deserved. The concert at AFAS Live was a testament to their hard work, talent, and connection with their fans. For those who missed the live experience, we offer a glimpse of the night’s visual spectacle in the gallery below.

In summary, I Prevail‘s return to the Netherlands was nothing short of spectacular. Despite the challenges, they delivered an unforgettable performance that highlighted their growth and resilience as a band. Fans left the venue not only entertained and eagerly anticipating the next chapter in I Prevail‘s exciting journey. I Prevail have a few more European shows planned, after which they will tour the USA in the summer. For tickets and dates, check out the band’s website.

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Glenn van den Bosch