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Powerwolf @ The Rock Circus, 2023

THE ROCK CIRCUS REVIEW: An Extraordinary First Day With Black Veil Brides, Powerwolf & More

After months of anticipation, the weekend of The Rock Circus was finally here. With a stacked line-up ranging over 3 days, including Electric Callboy, Epica, Powerwolf and many more. But that’s not all that the brand-new festival has to offer. The Rock Circus was more than just music; it was a full-blown extravaganza. The festival fair was a fantastic addition, featuring a wide variety of food stalls, craft vendors, and merchandise booths. The festival grounds were transformed into a rock ‘n’ roll wonderland that genuinely resembled a circus with an astonishing attention to detail. Besides the bands playing the 3 stages, the festival also featured a metal-infused piano bar and many signing sessions. This event was very meticulously organized, with a stunning result. Let’s dive into some of the artists that we saw on Saturday.

Cradle of Filth

For us, the festival kicked off with the unique Cradle of Filth, both in display as well as music, Cradle of Filth have made their own course, with success. The band’s signature blend of gothic, symphonic, and extreme metal elements was on full display, creating an atmosphere of darkness and mystique. In this particular case, a bunch of photos says more than a thousand words, so check out the gallery below.

Beast In Black

Black Veil Brides

It’s been a long time since Black Veil Brides last set foot in The Netherlands, and judging by the immense line for their signing, many Dutch fans were eager for the band’s return. When BVB announced their co-headliner tour with Halestorm with no Dutch date, fans were disappointed, but not too long after, The Rock Circus revealed that both bands would be on the line-up for their first addition. The band played for an hour, mostly catering to your general festival crowd. All of the hits within their respective genre the band garnered over the years were played, and the deep cuts were left for their headliner shows. Songs like Knives and Pens, Nobody’s Hero and most famously of all In The End got a massive response.


Up next were a band we have seen on a lot of occasions throughout the years, but our sentiment remains more or less the same. Halestorm build their live shows surrounding their musical prowess, which makes sense, as the band showcases vocalist Lzzy Hale’s impressive range and raw emotional delivery. The 4-headed band has been together forever, and the synergy shows on stage. Musically, Halestorm is top-notch, but I would love to see a bigger production. Given their popularity and talent, I think it’s time for Halestorm to level up their show, turning it into a full-on headliner show.


Today’s final act came from the popular Powerwolf. In a headliner capacity, the theatrical band played a show of 90 minutes in which they showcased their musicality and an impeccable show. Frontman Attila Dorn’s commanding stage presence was impossible to ignore. His powerful and charismatic vocals led the charge, and his theatrical gestures and interactions with the crowd further heightened the performance. Powerwolf are known for their incredible show, elaborate set pieces, pyrotechnics, and dramatic lighting that created a visually stunning backdrop for their music. We have seen the band a few times throughout the years, and it is always a treat. Check out some photos from their extraordinary performance right below.

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Glenn van den Bosch