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Slipknot @ Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: Slipknot’s Explosive Performance At Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome

Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome became a hub of metal mayhem as Slipknot decided to visit the venue for their The End, So Far European tour. With a reputation for delivering intense performances, the masked metal icons brought their signature chaos to the Dutch capital.

Prior to Slipknot‘s performance, the Amsterdam crowd was treated to two support acts, Nothing More and Sleep Token, who each brought their own unique style and energy to the stage.

First up was Nothing More. The Texas-based rockers wasted no time in grabbing the audience’s attention with their dynamic performance. Frontman Jonny Hawkins was decorated with the renowned body paint on his chest. Their set was a perfect warm-up, setting the stage for the intensity that was to follow.

Following Nothing More, the enigmatic collective known as Sleep Token took the stage and cast a spell over the Ziggo Dome. With their fusion of alternative rock and ambient metal, Sleep Token took the audience on a journey through uncharted musical realms. Their haunting melodies and atmospheric soundscapes created an aura of mystery, drawing listeners into their world. The band’s masked members channelled their emotions through their music. Sleep Token‘s performance was a captivating display of musical artistry and we can’t wait to see them again at Dutch festival Jera On Air.

Next up, it was time for the before-mentioned “masked metal icons” to unleash their unique brand of chaos upon the stage. And they did not disappoint.

From the very moment Slipknot exploded onto the stage (quite literally), the energy in the Dome reached an ultimate high. The crowd was bombarded with a ton of intense riffs and thunderous drums as the band opened with The Blister Exists.

As the night progressed, Slipknot‘s performance proved to be a complete sensory overload. The stage setup was impressive itself, featuring two high towers for ‘Clown‘ and ‘Tortilla Man‘ to carry out their drum skills on rain barrels. But it was the incorporation of pyrotechnics that truly elevated the concert experience. Flames erupted with fury, illuminating the stage and casting an otherworldly glow upon the crowd.

Slipknot‘s musicianship was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Frontman Corey Taylor‘s powerful vocals were once again a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout the set, the band showcased their versatility, seamlessly transitioning from tracks like Psychosocial and The Heretic Anthem to more introspective moments, such as the haunting Snuff and Purity. Slipknot‘s ability to balance brutality with emotional depth was truly a testament to their artistry.

Of course, all the hits couldn’t be missed. Wait And Bleed, The Devil In I, Duality, they were all there.

As the final notes of Til We Die, played from tape, resonated through the Ziggo Dome, Slipknot left the stage with a lasting impact that will stay in the hearts of their fans for years to come. Slipknot‘s tireless energy, combined with their flawless musicianship and mesmerizing stage presence, ensured that this night in Amsterdam would be carved into the memories of all who bore witness.

Check out some of the photos we took below and share your experience with us!

Nothing More:


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