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PVRIS @ 013, Tilburg

CONCERT REVIEW: PVRIS Are Musically Supreme During Tilburg Show

As we rapidly got through January, more and more shows are taking place, with an exceptional bill happening on the last day of the first month of 2023. PVRIS are headed to Tilburg for a show in Poppodium 013 with support from Charlotte Sands. Of course we were present to document and photograph proceedings!

If you have been paying attention, chances are Charlotte Sands is a name you have seen floating around more than a few times by now. Besides from her original material, Sands has recently been featured on songs from, among others, Sleeping With Sirens and Mod Sun and is now raking in an impressive more than 2 million streamers a month on Spotify alone. Attendees of tonight’s show made sure to come out early to catch Sands play her original music in a very energetic fashion. Even if we can consider Sands a ‘newcomer’, she is comfortable on stage, connecting with the crowd while maintaining a high quality sound. We are looking forward to see where her career will take her next. Check out some photos from her performance right below.

As stated in the title, PVRIS‘ show was superb from a musical perspective. Having seen PVRIS a bunch throughout the years, we can safely conclude that their discography has gotten quite diverse, with many new (and old) tracks translating very well to a live setting, such as Gimme A Minute, Monster and ANYWHERE BUT HERE as few of the many examples. The setlist truly was a career-spanning list, to no one’s surprise, as PVRIS came out absolutely swinging with their impeccable debut album White Noise, which was incorporated with the 4 songs Fire, Mirrors, My House and You And I (deluxe edition).

Lynn Gunn sounds just as great as she does on the studio versions, but therein does lie a teeny tiny problem if you ask me, as the show does not, and again, in my humble opinion, stimulate the optical senses to the fullest. The focus lays on the musical aspect, which they do incredibly well. The live renditions are top notch and the plants on stage certainly add to the experience, but the lightning is dark and dull. It certainly does add a sense of mystique, and perhaps that is what PVRIS are going for on their current tour, and maybe it just isn’t for me, but I would have loved to see a bit more spectacle surrounding the music, with a nice backdrop and some more prominent lightning to say the least.

Enough negativity, even if the lightning was not all that, PVRIS are an exceptional live act, vocally and instrumentally. The instrumental interludes from GIMME A MINUTE and Hallucinations were a personal highlight. This band is as diverse as they come and takes you on a journey throughout their set, with energetic highs and emotional lows and we are absolutely here for it. Curious to see what the set looked like? Check some photos from the set in the gallery below.

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Glenn van den Bosch