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CONCERT REVIEW: Enter Shikari Play Third & Final Manchester Residency Show

As they start to bring their 3-month residency tour to a close, Enter Shikari play their 3rd and final Manchester show in a very sweaty, sold-out New Century Hall. Touring in support of their upcoming record, A Kiss For The Whole World.

Enter Shikari have always prided themselves on putting everything they’ve got into their live shows, known for their energy-packed, confetti filled gigs that radiate feelings of joy and community, tonight was no different.

Opening the show with the first single of their new record, (pls) set me on fire, you can see how loved this band are. About to be 7 albums in, and audiences are still singing every word to any new track they can get their hands on.

Straight into an System… / …Meltdown, this feels like it’s the real kick-off to the show with the floor opening up and the crowd erupting, this moment seems to set the bar for the rest of the evening.

One of the promises of this tour is that we would be hearing some older tracks that haven’t graced a setlist in a long time. Over the course of the evening, we’re treated to; Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour, Enter Shikari, Havoc B and Halcyon.

Something Enter Shikari have mastered over the years is releasing absolutely cherished stand-alone tracks. So to say Slipshod is welcomed with open arms, is.. an understatement. Frontman Rou, introduces the track with a smile on his face, noting the absolute ridiculous nature of it.

There are a lot of things that make this band’s live show so uniquely special, one of which being their quickfire rounds. Which, does exactly what it says on the tin. A lot of songs, in not a lot of time. From Havoc B, Cody Frost joins the stage as we bounce from Bull to The Last Garrison to Sorry You’re Not A Winner.

Over the course of the evening, there are a few moments when we’re all able to come up for air. Live Outside, Redshift, Undercover Agents and satellites** are moments of pure euphoria where you are able to appreciate just how in tune the band are with each other.

This run of shows is of course in celebration of their soon to be release record, A Kiss For The Whole World, from which tonight we hear the unreleased title track, It Hurts, Bloodshot and (pls) set me on fire. If these tracks live are anything to to by, we’re in for a treat with the new album.

It takes a lot for a band’s live show to be able to change and evolve every time, but remain consistently special. It is a rare thing that a band’s ethos and identity translate so perfectly to a live show, but tonight all of those things are true. The sense of community and passion is palpable as everyone is gathered to dance without inhibition under the mesmerizing Shikari light show.

A Kiss For The Whole World is available to preorder now, and is released worldwide on April 21st.

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Katie Dove