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K.Flay @ Melkweg, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: K.Flay Delivers Captivating Performance At Amsterdam’s Melkweg

Amsterdam’s Melkweg witnessed a captivating performance by K.Flay on September 23rd, with Weathers as the direct support act. The sold-out show was a high-energy extravaganza that showcased K.Flay‘s musical talent and vulnerability throughout her 17-song setlist:

  1. Are You Serious?
  2. Raw Raw
  3. Giver
  4. Black Wave
  5. Weirdo
  6. This Baby Don’t Cry
  7. TGIF
  8. Watch Me
  9. In America
  10. The President Has a Sex Tape
  11. Shy
  12. Blood in the Cut / Bulls on Parade (Rage Against the Machine cover)
  13. Hustler
  14. Can’t Sleep
  15. Zen (X Ambassadors cover)
  16. Nothing Can Kill Us
  17. Irish Goodbye
  18. Make Me Fade
  19. Yes I’m Serious
  20. Punisher
  21. High Enough

The night kicked off with the energetic Are You Serious? setting the tone for what would be a relentless display of K.Flay‘s musical prowess. She seamlessly transitioned between rapping, singing, and playing various instruments, including bass and electric guitar. The crowd’s enthusiasm was palpable from start to finish.

One standout moment occurred during Weirdo, a track from her 2021 EP, Nothing Can Kill Us. Bathed in green light, K.Flay asked the audience how many considered themselves weird or strange or different. With arms outstretched, the crowd responded enthusiastically, prompting her to dedicate Weirdo to all the “expletive weirdos” in attendance.

The setlist featured a mix of old favourites and new material from her upcoming album Mono. Notably, Blood in the Cut was played with an impressive instrumental breakdown that seamlessly transitioned into a spot-on cover of Rage Against the Machine‘s Bulls on Parade.

The stage design was minimalist, with “K.Flay” projected in white letters against a black backdrop, allowing her talent and connection with the audience to take center stage.

In conclusion, K.Flay‘s Amsterdam performance at Melkweg was a testament to her resilience, musical versatility, and the deep connection she shares with her fans. From rocking out to introspective moments, it was a night that showcased both her vulnerability and riveting stage presence. K.Flay left the stage, leaving the audience with lasting memories of a phenomenal show.

I was there to give you a glimpse of what the concert was like. Check out the photos below!



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