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Floor Jansen @ 013, Tilburg

PHOTO REVIEW: Floor Jansen Delivers Touching & Intimate Performance In Tilburg’s 013

On a chilly night in Tilburg’s Poppodium 013, Floor Jansen took the stage to a roaring crowd. But before her captivating set, the crowd was treated to an opening act by Inge Lamboo, whose soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics warmed up the room.

As a Dutch native, she was excited to be able to speak her own language tonight and connect with the audience on a deeper level. After performing a few of her hits, she surprised the audience by doing a stripped-down version of Bridle Passion – a song she wrote in 2008 and which is now a lullaby for her daughter Freja. Sitting down on a stool accompanied by an acoustic guitar, she delivered a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the song that left the crowd spellbound.

After this intimate moment, Floor asked the crowd if they were ready to rock again. She then talked about her new album, Paragon, which is about her questioning if she is good enough. Four years ago, she struggled with self-doubt, but now she’s finally able to look in the mirror and tell herself she’s doing well. The crowd roared in agreement, appreciating her honesty and vulnerability.

In a touching moment, Floor revealed that her dad was in the venue and played the song Hope, especially for him. She then dedicated Strong – a song from her time with After Forever – to her mother who battles an illness – “as many others do“, who wanted to be there tonight but unfortunately, had to stay at home. The crowd showed their support with cheers and applause, and Floor‘s emotional performance left many in tears.

Closing the show on a high note, Floor played Let It Go – the iconic song from Disney’s Frozen. The crowd joined in singing along, creating a magical moment that everyone will remember.

Floor Jansen‘s performance was a true testament to her versatility and emotional depth as an artist. From haunting ballads to rock anthems, she captivated the audience with her powerful voice and stage presence. Her willingness to share personal moments and struggles with the crowd only deepened the connection and made the night a truly special one.

Check out the photos Marjolein Veldhuizen made of the performances below!

Inge Lamboo:

Floor Jansen:

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