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Camino @ Melkweg 2023

CONCERT REVIEW: No Smooth Sailing For The Band CAMINO During Amsterdam Show

The Band CAMINO visited Amsterdam in 2020, selling out the Upstairs in the Melkweg then. They’ve grown quite a lot, almost filling up Melkweg’s the Max three years later.

The evening started out with support act Boy Bleach, a band made up of two sets of brothers and their best friends. The London-based band got the crowd going really well, making the temperature rise to a maximum during their cover of Britney SpearsToxic. This even got the band to lose a couple of pieces of clothing in the process. The band wants to confront political and societal issues they’re passionate about, but because of the vocals being difficult to hear during some of their songs, the message didn’t land as well as they could have. The energy they brought definitely made up for it though!

Unfortunately, The Band CAMINO’s singer Jeffery Jordan had vocal troubles for this show, getting Spencer Stewart to fill in more of the vocals than usual. You could tell it was troubling the band, as they couldn’t give Amsterdam the show they wanted to. The newer fans probably didn’t notice anything different, and older fans got to see the songs in a way they usually don’t get to see and hear. The only way you could tell for sure, is because of the silence in between songs where Jeffery didn’t talk and Spencer tried to fill in his bandmates ‘blanks’.

If you’re an avid concertgoer, you’ll know bands usually leave the stage before they do an encore of the bigger hits, but since Jeffery’s voice probably wouldn’t profit from that today, they just continued on and asked the crowd to pretend they did all that. Plagued with issues today though, the band experienced some more technical difficulties before performing their biggest song Daphne Blue. This thankfully got solved pretty quickly, making the entire crowd ready to go hard for this hit.
The fans’ support throughout the night hopefully made the night for the band members worth fighting through, and their love will probably be all the incentive they need to come back for a redo in the Netherlands soon.

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