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CONCERT REVIEW: Movements Play Long Awaited Netherlands Show

It’s been almost 5 years, so it was finally time for MOVEMENTS to return to the Netherlands. They played a show in one of the Netherlands’ smaller venues. They took I’ll Get By and Softcult with them as their openers. All these bands promised a great night with amazing music. 

I’ll Get By was up first, they’re a Dutch band that set the mood for the evening. They got on stage when only a small part of the venue was filled. But everyone seemed to enjoy their performance a bit. There wasn’t that much energy on stage except for the singer who kept jumping all over the stage. They got someone on stage during a certain song who sang one verse with the band. Overall it was nice to see a local band play at a show like this.

I’ll Get By

Softcult was next up and they took the energy a bit down. Their music was a bit more slow but they did perform well on stage. The bassist was dancing and jumping during basically every song. They started picking up the pace later on with more high-energy music. Overall they were nice to see live and the crowd seemed to love them too.


Then, the moment everyone had been waiting for, It was time for Movements. You could immediately feel that the energy shifted in the room. Everyone got way more excited and pits started forming from the first few sounds that were played. People also started to crowd surf a lot and you could barely hear Patrick(the singer) over the singing of the crowd. Everyone was ecstatic during the set. 

What set Movements apart was their ability to convey raw emotions through their music. The lyrics were deeply personal, tackling themes of self-discovery, mental health, and the human experience. As they performed these songs live, there was an overwhelming sense of vulnerability and authenticity that filled the venue.

As the concert came to a close, Movements left the stage to thunderous applause and cheers. The audience was left in awe, still buzzing with the energy that the band had ignited. It was a performance that left a lasting impression, reminding everyone in attendance why they fell in love with this genre of music in the first place.

In conclusion, Movements delivered a powerful and emotionally charged performance that showcased their talents as musicians and their ability to connect with their audience on a deep level. For fans of post-hardcore and those seeking a cathartic live music experience, a Movements concert is not to be missed.


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Aspen van der Wijst