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CONCERT REVIEW: Maggie Lindemann Gives Great Performance During First Netherlands Show

Maggie Lindemann came to the Netherlands! She has a busy weekend with a Netherlands show yesterday and a festival appearance tomorrow. It was her first time in the country, and she took Beauty School Dropout and Cellar Twins with her during her first ever Netherlands show.

Cellar Twins:

Beauty School Dropout their performance was absolutely amazing, the energy of their front man Colie Hutzler was amazing. You often see openers who are quite insecure, which sometimes makes them anxious and not that expressive. That wasn’t the case for this band. Colie was jumping all over the stage, dancing and hanging all over the other band members.

Beauty School Dropout have a great diverse style in music, this in combination with the raw way that Colie performs make for a great performance along with the way the bassist (Brent Burdett) and guitarist (Bardo) who were also hopping all over stage and interacting with the crowd in various ways.

They played 10 songs in the 30 minutes of time that they had, most songs were from their album We Made Plans & God Laughed. Others were various singles that they have released, and Coming Downfrom their EP Boys Do Cry. I expect Beauty School Dropout to grow a bunch in the upcoming years since they are a great band to see live and their music sounds great and diverse.

Beauty School Dropout:

Now on to Maggie Lindemann. Her set started 30 minutes after Beauty School Dropout. She had 20 songs on her setlist, she played her entire album Suckerpunch and a few songs from her album Paranoia.

The lights turned off and stayed off before she got on stage, and the crowd started chanting her name. She then got on stage and started performing. The energy started off quite low at the start in my opinion, she was basically standing in one place and played song after song without talking too much.

I have to admit that the guitarist really tried to get some more energy on stage but it got shut down by most band members except for the drummer. He really gave it his all and it was amazing to see that happening.

The energy got a bit higher after a fan asked her to draw something in a sketch book around about 30 minutes in the show. The energy went down again and got a bit more up when she played How Could You Do This To Me. A song where Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens normally features on. She asked the crowd to fill in for the missing feature and everyone sang along.

She asked for a pit too and everyone happily complied, people got so enthusiastic that someone started crowd surfing. That person almost managed to get on stage too since there wasn’t a separate photo pit.

Someone threw a pride flag on stage during the last song before the encore and she hung it up on her microphone stand. Which themes greatly with pride month that started a few days ago. The show ended with a last great performance during the encore after which the show ended after a little over an hour.

Overall I’d say go to a Maggie Lindemann performance if you like her music, her songs are great to hear live. Do keep an eye on Beauty School Dropout since they really positively surprised me during their performance. Not just with their energy but also with their music. Check out some more pictures below and let us know if you’re seeing Maggie Lindemann on tour somewhere soon!

Maggie Lindemann:

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