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CONCERT REVIEW: Boywithuke Revisits Amsterdam With Lively Show

It had only been a year since Boywithuke last visited the Netherlands. After which he showed his love for the performance multiple times. So, it was only reasonable that he would be returning as soon as possible, which he did. Boywithuke returned to the Netherlands a year after his previous performance in the country. He did this during his tour through a small part of Europe and the UK. He took the artist Sfven with him for this part of the tour.

The day of the show was a bit colder than the days before which made being outside and waiting for the concert a bit more pleasant, since it wasn’t so incredibly hot. At the end of the day, there was a line of around 200-300 people that walked in right as the doors opened. We got to the front row and had to wait around 30 minutes for Sfven to get on stage.

Sfven got on stage in a really awkward way. The lights didn’t change, and the music didn’t turn off. He walked on stage and awkwardly said hi. He introduced himself and started the set. He’s quite the small artist so barely anyone knew him. What also didn’t help was that most of the crowd were just parents with their kids, who just got there to hear Boywithuke’s most famous songs.

All this contributed to quite a silent set. Sfven played for around 30 minutes, but he did have his moments. The crowd clapped along to a bunch of songs and there was even a moment where almost the entire crowd had their flashlights on. He played his set alone on his guitar with a bunch of slow songs so there wasn’t a lot to do or see. It was, however, quite an enjoyable set.

Boywithuke got on stage after the normal break between sets. His entrance was way less awkward and he was met with a lot of applause and screaming when he got on stage. He started off with a few songs from his EP called Antisocial. After that, he continued to play a bunch of hits and popular songs. This streak ended when he played Haha Hi. It was really noticeable that barely anyone knew the lyrics. It showed that most of the people that were there barely knew his songs other than the well-known songs.

He also took one massive break from the set where he just started signing things left and right. This probably took around 10 minutes and really took the energy and momentum out of the set. This was not just because Boywithuke allowed all of this, but it was mainly because so many fans were so insanely intrusive about wanting to interact with him. This continued after the long signing session and really took the energy down sadly. Boywithuke kept giving an amazing performance and even took a few pages out of Twenty One Pilots’ book. Boywithuke is known to be a fan of Twenty One Pilots. This was once again recognizable when he did the same teleporting trick as Tyler Joseph, and when he crowd-surfed on a little platform.

It was a nice show overall. Boywithuke really seemed to give it his all but the crowd made the show less enjoyable with their lack of positive interaction sadly. I’d highly recommend going to a Boywithuke show though since they are really fun to go to especially if you’re a big fan. He’s currently finishing his Europe and UK tour, after which he will be touring America. He has an upcoming album releasing on October 6th called Lucid Dreams and the first single called Trauma was released recently. Stream it below!

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Aspen van der Wijst