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CONCERT REVIEW: Ashnikko Takes New Album ‘WEEDKILLER’ To Sold-Out Amsterdam Crowd

After months of eager anticipation, the moment we had all been waiting for finally arrived. Ashnikko graced the stage in Amsterdam to showcase her latest masterpiece, the album WEEDKILLER. The sold-out venue spoke volumes about the sheer excitement pulsating through her devoted fanbase, all eagerly awaiting the chance to witness Ashnikko’s live performance.

Setting the tone with the dynamic You Make Me Sick! from the freshly released WEEDKILLER, Ashnikko embarked on a whirlwind journey through her repertoire. Seamlessly blending old favourites with the latest tracks, she explored themes of female empowerment and the complexities of love, showcasing the unique style that only Ashnikko can master.

Onstage, Ashnikko was accompanied by two dancers who added an extra layer of entertainment. Their intricate choreography, interwoven with Ashnikko’s vocal performance, elevated the performance to a visual spectacle that captivated the audience. Furthermore, the stage featured an inflatable object of sorts, resembling the broken egg from Ashnikko’s album art for WEEDKILLER. In-between of the repertoire rapid-fire, Ashnikko would often and briefly speak to the fans (Demidevils), sharing anecdotes and sharing more of the story surrounding the new album, which even includes the release of an accompanying comic book.

As the show approached its climax, the atmosphere took a seasonal turn with the Christmas-themed Manners,’ followed by a haunting medley of Ashnikko’s Halloween songs. The dancers returned donning eerie masks, contributing to the overall mystique of the performance. Surprisingly, Ashnikko chose to present Halloweenie: IV in its entirety, deviating from the expected showcase of her latest Halloween release.

The energy throughout the show was palpable, fueled by an ecstatic crowd that often echoed the lyrics at the top of their lungs. While I may have preferred live instrumental performances over pre-recorded tracks, acknowledging that different music genres embrace distinct production methods is essential. Despite personal preferences, Ashnikko’s live show is an energetic delight that we wholeheartedly recommend to music enthusiasts.

For a visual recap of the performance, scroll down to view the photos capturing the essence of the show.

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Glenn van den Bosch