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Volbeat @ Gelredome, Arnhem

CONCERT REVIEW: Volbeat Create A Night To Remember For Evigt In Gelredome

So, it was an exciting evening for the Netherlands this Friday, the 9th of December. The Dutch soccer team was playing the quarter-final of the World Championship, but the soccer stadium GelreDome in Arnhem rolled out its grass for Volbeat to come and play their show. 

The organization of the event warned people about bad traffic and put up a heated tent and a consumption area for people who decide to come way before the venue opened. 

It was definitely worth coming early, because with supports Bad Wolves and Skindred the entire line-up was just championship-worthy and made waiting for Volbeat the easiest thing in the world.

A lot of people seemed to agree and by the time the American heavy metal band Bad Wolves took the stage a large part of the stadium was already filled. They haven’t been around as a band that long. The band formed in 2017 and last year Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz replaced their original singer, but as soon as the stage lights started burning, it was clear that they are very comfortable with each other. Daniel walked and sang around the big square stage surrounding the “parasite pit” with an incredible attitude that was quite impressive. 

Although the sound could have been technically better, they warmed up this cold night really well and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Talking about an amazing stage presence, Benji Webbe of Skindred definitely has it. Dressed in all black, a long black shiny coat and white sunglasses he makes a big impression. In contrary to Bad Wolves the members of the Welsh reggae metal band chose to stay together on the main stage more, but that didn’t stop them from bringing their set with great conviction towards the entire space.

In between songs 1 and 2, Daniel walked forward and started singing Wonderwall by Oasis, as the crowd massively started singing along. he stopped and let them sing on until he told them to “shut up” and continued into their next song. It was clear the crowd appreciated this kind of humor and the band had them completely in their bag from that point on. 

Skindred will celebrate their 25th anniversary next year with a new album called Smile. Well, they definitely brought a lot of smiles on people’s faces tonight.

The stage has been pretty black and sober during the supporting acts, but that turned around completely when it was time for the main act, Volbeat. It went from pitch black to full color and the background consisted of pictures of vintage TV’s and one big one showing clips of backstage footage, crowds and the musicians themselves. This all while an instrumental version of Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza played until the band made their appearance and hit the first notes of The Devil’s Bleeding Crown. The background changed into just 3 huge screens showing mostly the band members live, alternated by various impressive visuals which were a great touch to enhance the ambiance.

The Danes brought us their 8th album last year, Servant of the Mind, so they have a large collection of songs to choose from. The set is a great variety of new and old stuff and they never manage to bore the crowd. Even after the two great pre-shows, people are dancing, head banging and just having the best time. 

This tour has a name derived from their last album Servant of the Road and you could interpret that as touring being an obligation, but of course, there’s no sign of that. They have been on the road for a large part of this year, but the energy flowed like they have just started. Michael Poulsen’s voice is just amazingly clear and really on point. This was Volbeat like we know and love them.

Even though millions of people were watching soccer at home and even outside of the venue some people were checking the scores from time to time, Volbeat captured everyone’s attention with their amazing performance. And where the Netherlands couldn’t win in Qatar and the soccer fans kind of want to forget this day, these Danes definitely won in Arnhem and it was a night to remember For Evigt

Which I have tried to do photographically as well, with these photos below!

Bad Wolves:



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