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CONCERT REVIEW: SKYND Take Their True Crime Music To Amsterdam

For those who are not yet familiar with SKYND, this band plays music what they call True Crime music: the group takes on the grossest, most heinous acts of human nature throughout modern history and turns them into music, influenced by industrial, metal, rock, goth – you name it. “In their own words, SKYND’s lyrics reach deep, deep down into the sinister abyss of the human soul”, and that is exactly what was being portrayed during their incredible performance.

SKYND consists of two musicians (and in a live setting a third musician behind the drums), whom as far as we know, remain anonymous. With 9 songs released so far, SKYND have a cult-like following, consisting of 122.000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone and all of their music videos raking in millions of views due to the incredible production value, the quality of the songs, and of course the subjects of the songs.

Playing a sold-out show in Melkweg, which was upgraded last-minute, SKYND played all of their released songs, as well as 4 songs that have yet to release. Before each song, a news item about the horrible person/act of violence was played as introduction.

SKYND’s music makes them instantly interesting, considering not many artists out there are doing the ‘True Crime music’ theme, but besides that, the trio also performed music on an exceptionally high level. One of our highlights was the performance of the track Chris Watts, whose heinous crime has been documented in the Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door. The song is a little more calm than most of their discography and perfectly highlighted what SKYND’s vocals are capable of doing. Hauntingly beautiful.

The performance was something special, both musically and visually. Please enjoy Eva van den Bosch’s photos right in the gallery below and make sure to catch SKYND on the road.

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Glenn van den Bosch