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Spiritbox at Rock Am Ring 2022

ROCK AM RING REVIEW: Spiritbox Amaze In Front Of Huge Crowd

Rock Am Ring Review: Spiritbox Amaze In Front Of Huge CrowdSpiritbox, a relatively new outfit from Canada came down to Rock Am Ring to perform in front of a huge crowd, which came to no surprise as the band are seriously making waves with their incredible album Eternal Blue. The band has been doing very well in the US and apparently, also in Europe.

The outfit, surrounding charismatic vocalist Courtney LaPlante, who takes on both clean and heavy vocals, whose live performance exceeded our already high expectations. Spiritbox take their incredible songs to an even higher level in a live capacity and they look incredible doing it. With songs on the setlist including Circle With Me, Halcyon and of course Holy Roller, Spiritbox had the moshpits whirling. In the middle of the set, they took a step back from the carnage to perform Constance, a slower song about loss. LaPlante is truly a master of both aspects of the vocals used in Spiritbox and we cannot wait for their next run through Europe.

Check out Eva van den Bosch her photos in the gallery below and make sure to catch Spiritbox on the road in Europe!

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