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Ice Nine Kills at Rock Am Ring 2022

ROCK AM RING REVIEW: Ice Nine Kills Bring Their Horror-Metalcore To Germany

We have been counting down the days to see Ice Nine Kills live again. The last time we saw the band, they played an intimate show in Amsterdam after the release of their 2018 album The Silver Scream, which put the band on the map. The songs from The Silver Scream are all inspired by horror movies, and it got the band riding on a wave so big, that they have decided to make a second album following this trend: The Silver Scream: Welcome To Horrorwood.

Another body of work with horror movies meant more props, masks, and gimmicks to work with on a live show and that is exactly what they came to do in Europe. Starting their set with album opener Welcome To Horrorwood, straight into Wurst Vacation, from the second album, as well.

Just as suspected, and hoped might I add, Ice Nine Kills brought their all. Regular wardrobe changes, weapon switches (which is a totally normal thing to have during a concert), and an actor and actress playing out stuff sung about in the music. Besides a lot of new stuff, the fan favorites from The Silver Scream couldn’t stay out. Amongst the songs were The American Nightmare, Thank God It’s Friday, and Stabbing In The Dark.

Now, bear with us for the lengthy photo review. Truth be told, we are huge Ice Nine Kills fans ourselves and had a hard time making even this selection. Photos by Eva van den Bosch.

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Glenn van den Bosch