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FEVER 333 at Rock Am Ring 2022

ROCK AM RING REVIEW: FEVER 333 Bring Familiar Carnage

FEVER 333 are back at Rock Am Ring! In the last edition of the festival, which was held back in 2019 (we all know what happened after that year), FEVER 333 are back again for yet another mind-boggling show. The show was more or less the same as it was in 2019, but honestly, it was no bother. When a show is this crazy and this energetic, there’s not a lot you can do it improve, except for perhaps visual effects like pyro, confetti and steam cannons.

Since the first song was released back in 2018, FEVER 333 have been in the spotlight, especially when it comes to live shows. The number of photographers coming to capture their set is always unprecedented high for the stage they’re on.

Now with 3 albums released, FEVER 333 could easily fill an hour with songs, which they did, with a slight preference going towards their 2019 album STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS. We witnessed the greatness unfold and you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of what we witnessed in the gallery below. Photos by Eva van den Bosch.

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Glenn van den Bosch