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Black Veil Brides at Rock Am Ring 2022

ROCK AM RING REVIEW: Black Veil Brides Kick-Off Day 3

Black Veil Brides are back in Europe! Their last big tour across Europe was their massive co-headliner tour with Asking Alexandria back in early 2018. Now, they are back to rock the main stage on a drizzling Sunday afternoon. When the band started their set, it wasn’t all too crowded just yet, but halfway through their set, the masses came out to watch the band perform!

With a very mixed setlist, consisting of 1-2 songs from each and every album the band have ever released, there was something to enjoy for everyone. Personally, I was sad only 1 song was played from Wretched and Divine, with that one song obviously being In The End.

While the show was pretty straight forward, enough fans in the audience were happy enough to see the band’s return in Europe. Check out photos from their glorious return to Germany in the gallery below.

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Glenn van den Bosch