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CONCERT REVIEW: Mayday Parade Kick Off Anniversary Tour With As It Is & Real Friends

A drizzly Monday night in Nottingham is not the setting you think of for a jam-packed pop-punk show, but tonight that’s exactly what we’ve got as Mayday Parade embark on their 10-year anniversary tour for their self-titled album at the legendary Rock City.

First up, Real Friends! With this being their tenth visit to the UK, Real Friends are no strangers here, but this time they bring with them new lead singer Cody Muraro who joined the band in 2020 after the departure of Dan Lambton. It’s early, it’s a weeknight and Rock City isn’t as full as it should be when they take the stage, but quickly the amount of people in the room doesn’t matter. Playing songs from their debut album Put Yourself Back Together to their latest EP Always Lose, the band make this feel like a Real Friends show. The energy from the crowd fills the room and you remember why these guys have been on the scene for as long as they have. If you’re going to this tour, do yourself a favour and get down there early enough for their set.

Brighton based powerhouse As It Is are up next and although these guys are no strangers to playing in Nottingham, you have to think their time to headline this room is coming. I am sometimes guilty about forgetting what a packed back catalogue these guys have, but it’s hit after hit, from new songs like IDGAF, I MISS 2003 and IN THREES to the whole room blowing up for Dial Tones off their debut album, As It Is are on form. With their last two albums The Great Depression and I WENT TO HELL AND BACK doing so incredibly well, it really does feel like this is their time and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them back here headlining real soon.

Finally, it’s Mayday Parade time. Now, I remember buying their 1st record so the fact that their self-titled 3rd album is turning 10 is making me feel a bittersweet nostalgia, and I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment. There is something undeniably special about hearing an album played in full, front to back, the way it was intended to be heard. From singles such as Oh Well, Oh Well to fan favourites, A Shot Across the Bow and Call Me Hopeless, Not Romantic this show is a reminder of why Mayday Parade do these 10-year anniversary shows for their albums; they stand the test of time.

An evening of beautiful piano-accompanied sing-a-longs and anthems from the emo kings of pop-punk comes to a close. The evening ends with a hit-filled encore and recent single Kids of Summer, showing why, after nearly 20 years together, Mayday Parade are still so loved by their fans. Mayday Parade, As It Is and Real Friends continue their tour of the UK over the next week – are you heading to a show? Let us know!
In the meantime, check out the self-titled record below:

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