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CONCERT REVIEW: Electric Callboy Bring The Hypa Hypa To Amsterdam

There’s arguably no metalcore band with bigger momentum than Electric Callboy right now. Since the release of Hypa Hypa, the band from Germany’s popularity has skyrocketed, with no signs of slowing down with the singles that released after that: Pump It and We Got The Moves.

With the new album TEKKNO on the horizon, Electric Callboy are touring through Europe, with a sold-out show in Amsterdam’s Melkweg de Max, with another Dutch show already in the books for the start of 2023 in a venue with twice the capacity to undoubtedly play some more new songs from TEKKNO.

When arriving at the venue, many fans are wearing the 80s inspired clothes that are being featured in Electric Callboy’s new singles, and I’m sure it comes to no shock to anyone when we say that the band wore just that for the first song of the set. After an introduction, the curtain dropped and Electric Callboy quickly kicked off Pump It, wearing the attire and all. This song set the tone for the entire evening, with one exception being an acoustic rendition of their song Prism, which was played right about halfway through the set.

Electric Callboy @ Melkweg side

Electric Callboy came to party with hard-hitting metal-and-electronicore songs, old and new, but it was very apparent that many fans in the audience were extra pumped (it) for the new releases, from which the singles that have been released have all made the setlist tonight: Pump It, We Got The Moves, Spaceman, which was already being sung back loud and clear by the fans, eventhough it released merely two weeks ago! Closing song of the night was the song that ‘started’ the hype surrounding this band: Hypa Hypa. The new album TEKKNO can’t come soon enough.

The band from Germany made a very calm impression, it has become second nature to the musicians to be up there on the stage. In between songs, the vocalists Nico Sallach and Kevin Ratajczak would take their sweet time in-between songs, just chatting it up with the excited audience.

The fans remained joyous throughout the set, as the party never seemed to end. One party-song after the other, the amount of beer we’ve seen flying up in the air throughout the evening was insane. A Electric Callboy show is just as crazy and as much fun as the music videos of the recent singles make you think it is. Especially with the ecstacy raising to a whole new level during the new songs, we can only imagine the band’s popularity once the album has dropped, but we’ll be able to find out on their tour early next year when we’ve had a few months of listening to TEKKNO.

The songs they played on this fine evening, as well as the photos can be found right below.

Pump It
My Own Summer
The Scene
Castrop X Spandau
Best Day
Back in the Bizz
Prism (Acoustic)
MC Thunder II (Dancing Like a Ninja)

We Got the Moves
MC Thunder
Hypa Hypa

Check out the photos from the show by Eva van den Bosch below.

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