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CONCERT REVIEW: Tool Deliver Prog-Metal Masterclass At Sold-Out Amsterdam Show

TOOL were back in Amsterdam last night for another sold-out show in the incredible Ziggo Dome, just like they did back in 2019. This time however, the setlist revolved more around the 2019 album Fear Inoculum. Last time, the prog-metal band of the highest order played 3 songs from the album, while this time around that doubled to 6.

A TOOL show is no ordinary show. Besides from the fact that there are no cellphones and recording devices in the air (cause it was not allowed), TOOL don’t have to rely on gimmicks to deliver an impeccable show. While there were only seated tickets for this show, the majority of the arena rose out of their seats within the first seconds of the opening and title song Fear Inoculum. Besides the band’s master musicianship and truly next-level visuals on the screens behind the band as well as on the translucent curtain in front of the band for the first few songs of the show, TOOL don’t need anything else to keep you entertained for over 2 hours.

Keeping that in mind, there’s not an awful lot to say about the show, rather than the fact that TOOL are truly masters of their instruments. Solely based on the quality of the music played, this band is on top of the food chain, which makes it no surprise that the show was sold-out. With a total of 11 songs played over the course of the evening, 6 being from Fear Inoculum, the rest of the discography had atleast 1 song played, with Lateralus being featured twice.

The show looked as spectacular as it sounded, as you’ll be able to witness yourself through the photos by Eva van den Bosch in the gallery below.

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Glenn van den Bosch