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CONCERT REVIEW: My Chemical Romance Release The Swarm For Second Eden Night

After a two year wait, we are finally at day two of the My Chemical Romance tour, the spectacular Eden Project in Cornwall.
Much like the first night, the crowd is loving everything on offer!

With helicopter-esque sounds playing minutes before the band comes on stage the crowd is silent, the atmosphere tense as everyone waits for their arrival.

Lights start to flicker as the band comes on and the intro to The Foundations of Decay starts to play. The crowd is filled with people of all ages, with so many hair colours seen throughout! Many fans were also seen wearing My Chemical Romance’s new merchandise. From their new Swarm Coats with a yellow fly print on the back (which could mean a new era for the boys) to the comedic white t-shirt with an almost replica of a teen mag where the band members are featured in a fun way. Straying from the setlist they played in their performance the night before was shocking and amazing, gifted like a fresh breath of air. The crowd was filled with chanting, singing and cheering as they gloat over the experience. With crowd favourites from Na Na Na to Boy Division
To be able to witness My Chemical Romance perform on their new tour; monumental! Boy Division was played live for the first time in Monday’s performance, to see that they are playing it again is great, it has an amazing atmosphere and is also a personal favourite due to its fast pace. Frontman Gerard Way remained fresh throughout the concert with Mikey Way, Ray Toro and Frank Iero following. The show proves My Chemical Romance remain as chaotic, loud and wild as they last did in 2019 and 2013! Taking breaks to talk to the crowd every few songs, mentioning their opening acts Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls from the Monday show and LostAlone from tonight’s very own show! With Gerard thanking them for playing along with them and the Eden Project for welcoming them and letting them play there.

As the crowd roars more, My Chemical Romance proceeds to play more fan favourites, House Of Wolves and Welcome to The Black Parade and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W being amongst them. The crowd are eating it up as the stage is being graced by riffs, screams and even a growl during House Of Wolves. As they finish the second round of songs the band go off stage preparing for the encore which consisted of Headfirst for Halos from their first album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. This was a delightful treat for both the crowd but also fans online who posted with envy of those who were able to witness it being played live. My Chem also played Mastas Of RavenKroft! After teasing fans by playing it during their soundcheck on Monday, they finally played this masterpiece live for the first time ever. A song, once scrapped, now being a favourite among many.

Overall the show was spectacular. The setlist was phenomenal and only makes me more excited for what is to come throughout the tour and I’m more than sure their fans will be waiting in anticipation as much as I am.

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Mia Rose