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CONCERT REVIEW: August Burns Red & Bury Tomorrow Take Epic Co-Headliner To Eindhoven

It’s been a hot minute since the announcement for this incredible co-headliner was made, with original support coming from Miss May I and Thornhill. This was later changed to the French band Novelists. We went down to Effenaar to witness the sold-out co-headliner show in all its glory. 

Bury Tomorrow have recently revealed the details for their upcoming album The Seventh Sun, which will release on the 31st of March, 2023. We were lucky enough to catch Bury Tomorrow at Jera On Air this summer, but tonight we can consider their set to be a headliner show, as both August Burns Red and Bury Tomorrow played a 1-hour long set. 

With a beautiful mixture of old and new and a shoutout to the upcoming album, Bury Tomorrow were on top of their game. Besides the brand new single Abandon Us, Bury Tomorrow also gave us another taste of what’s to come with the energetic Boltcutter. Besides their great music, Bury Tomorrow are known for being decent human beings, something that came to the fore during the show. Especially frontman Daniel Winter-Bates has these expressions on his face while performing that makes you believe he’s a very scary human being, but this quickly goes away when he chats in-between songs. 

Bury Tomorrow are getting bigger and bigger with every single release with no signs of slowing down, and these new songs are sounding epic. Check out some shots of the show in the gallery below. 

Bury Tomorrow:

August Burns Red are in a similar spot as Bury Tomorrow, as they recently announced their new album Death Below, to be released on the 24th of March, 2023. Before August Burns Red entered the stage, System Of A Down’s Chop Suey was played through the speakers, with the musicians taking their spot while it was still playing. Rather than cutting off, the speakers went silent and August Burns Red took it from there, making their first song on stage a cover.

August Burns Red have a beautiful slogan ‘Angry music for happy people’, and honestly this kind of characterized the band’s show to us. The music is technical, it’s great and heavy, but the smiles on the band and audience alike really told the tale. A packed Effenaar headbanged and moshed as if their lives depended on it. While their setlist highlighted songs of a lot of albums, we, unfortunately, did not get a live rendition of the brand new single Ancestry, but we did get the 2021 song Vengeance

August Burns Red have a legendary status within the scene and tonight only cemented that feeling in the Dutch metal community. Let’s hope the band will return to The Netherlands when their new album Death Below is out. Check some photos of the performance in the gallery below. 

August Burns Red:

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