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CONCERT REVIEW: AJR Give Storytelling Masterclass In Tilburg

After a very succesful show in Melkweg Amsterdam before the pandemic, AJR are back with a new album and a bigger show. This time, selling out Poppodium 013, which holds double the capacity as Melkweg does, months in advance of the show. Armed with a new album and a new show production, AJR amazed on the OK ORCHESTRA tour.

Those who have ever seen an AJR liveshow know that you’re not just coming for the music, but rather for an experience that’s honestly quite unique. A redefinition of the word concert would not be misplaced. Starting their set with a funny video of a voice-over that keeps on making mistakes while reciding the start of the song OK Overture and eventually calling it quits because ‘who has time for this, we’ve waited 2 years for this’. A burst of energy both on stage and in the audience followed as the brothers came on stage accompanied by their touring band.

Kicking off with the popular Bummerland, AJR played all the ‘classics’, as well as a huge portion of their new album OK ORCHESTRA, which is home to the very popular BANG! and World’s Smallest Violin. AJR are natural entertainers and often chatted with the audience in-between of songs. While this may get annoying at some shows, AJR do it with such hilarity and humor, I’d honestly attend a comedy show hosted by the band. Singing happy birthday to fans in the audience, their ‘Elton John story’, AJR entertained for a good hour and a half, and not just through their music.

The great diversity in which the band entertained didn’t take anything away from their ability as musicians. The music unsurprisingly sounded amazing and vocalist Jack Met‘s dance moves are as hilarious as they are epic. AJR brought along a drummer and a trumpet player, who were involved in the show and responsible for the interludes as the brothers submerged off stage from time to time for a wardrobe change or to catch a breath.

An AJR show is truly next level, and at times reminded me of the exceptional Twenty One Pilots show many of us know and love. If you get the chance to catch this band live, do it. It’s an experience you are going to want to well.. experience. Eva van den Bosch was there to make some photos during their set to give you a glimpse of what the fuss is all about! Check it out in the gallery below.

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Glenn van den Bosch