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LIVE REVIEW: Babymetal Turn Tilburg Into ‘Metal Galaxy’ With Sold-Out Show


Babymetal returned to The Netherlands for another sold-out show. Their last show was in the beautiful TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, sold-out weeks in advance, just like today’s show in Tilburg’s 013.

Babymetal are always bringing some incredible artists on stage with them, last time being Dream State. This time around, Babymetal brought along the very unique act Skynd. The three live members of Skynd came on stage, two of them wearing creepy masks. The vocalist and frontwoman, whose identity is unknown (just like the other members), came on stage with some incredible make-up, which was easily just as creepy as the masks. Skynd describes their music as #truecrimemusic on their social media channels, as their songs have titles of various serial killers or other questionable characters throughout history including ‘Jim Jones’ and ‘Tyler Hadley’. Their live show was intoxicating, creepy and unique. Not to mention musically beyond impressive. Whomever the vocalist is, she has an absolutely stunning singing voice and her dance moves matched the vibe of the show seamlessly. Check out what the show looked like with the photos in the gallery below and if you are into the darker side of music, make sure to check them out on your favourite streaming service. You’ll be amazed!

Next up was the reason why 3.000 eager fans travelled to Tilburg: Babymetal’s highly anticipated show surrounding their new album ‘Metal Galaxy’. Everyone who has seen a Babymetal show at some point knows that they leave nothing to chance during the show. Their performance comes with impressive dance choreography, cutting edge musicians backing them up and for this particular tour: epic visuals on the massive screen at the back of the stage. From start to end, Babymetal put on one hell of a show, supported by brutal riffage and overall just stellar metal instrumentals,

While only 21 years of age, vocalist Su-metal has the voice of a seasoned professional, and that while dancing a whole new choreography for each and every song.

‘Metal Galaxy’ has spawned some new popular singles, including ‘PA PA YA!!’ featuring guest vocals from artist F. HERO. During the performance of this song, the screens were showing a similar performance of the track in an arena where F. HERO joined them on stage for the live rendition of the track. Using the screens to include the guest features who couldn’t be present at the show was very clever!

Babymetal’s setlist strongly revolved around the new album ‘Metal Galaxy’ but of course included the fan favourites from the previous two albums such as ‘KARATE’ and still their number one song on Spotify: ‘Gimme Chocolate!!’

With the impeccable dance choreography and their distinguishing outfits, Babymetal are truly an iconic experience within the metal scene. Check out a couple of shots from the show below to give you a glimpse of what the ‘Metal Galaxy’ experience looked like.

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Glenn van den Bosch