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Slam Dunk Review: Northlane


As the day progressed, the names got bigger and bigger on all eight stages. Unfortunately, we missed out on great acts such as Hacktivist, Every Time I Die and The Story So Far. However, we did get to witness Northlane!

Northlane released their latest album last year. This album, titled ‘Node’, is the first album with new frontman Marcus Bridge. Bridge brings some new elements to the table for Northlane, aswell as enhances the old sound.

Both old songs (pre-Bridge) aswell as new tracks from ‘Node’ were sung equally as well by the new frontman and the energy from the band was contagious. ‘Leech’, ‘Rot’, ‘Masquerade’ & ‘Dream Awake’, all the fan favourites were being played and one after the other crowdsurfer was being escorted back to the audience. Besides from the immense energy level, Northlane plays very well all together.

We cannot wait to see what they’ll be up to next!

Check out the photos below!
(This review is part of the Slam Dunk Festival review, which will be featured in our next print magazine!)

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Glenn van den Bosch