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CONCERT REVIEW: Hatari Showcase Their Post-Human Art In London

Hatari blew the socks off the Electric Ballroom last Saturday, after a two-year delay, they were finally able to complete the first stint of the Dance or Die tour. Concertgoers eagerly waited outside the venue, grasping their tickets they first purchased back in 2019, ready to see some “Post-Human Art”, as the band calls it.

Opening with Ódýr, translated to “Cheap”, from their 2017 EP Neysluvara, the crowd erupted into cheers, with many down the front who had learnt every word in Icelandic, showing the level of dedication their fans have.

The band played many tracks from their debut album Neyslutrans, released in 2020, including Engin Miskunn, and Ógleði.

After a dazzling performance with lasers, smoke machines, and dancers, Hatari closed the set with the song that sent them into the spotlight in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest: Hatrið Mun Sigra, translated to ‘Hate Will Prevail’, an absolute fan favourite. The noise from the crowd was unbelievable, their energy matching the band on stage. This was one of the greatest performances I’ve seen in a long time, and I can’t wait to see them again.

Check out our photos below to get a glimpse of what the show was like:

We also had a photoshoot with the band after the show. Check out those photos below!

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Amy Hughes