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Twenty One Pilots Release Long-Awaited MTV Unplugged Album

It’s been a long wait but Twenty One Pilots finally released their MTV performance on all streaming platforms.

We had to wait a while, it’s been almost a year since the MTV Unplugged performance of Twenty One Pilots. It’s finally here though! The album isn’t really unplugged but more songs reimagined. They did the same in the Trench era with Chlorine, Cut My Lip and The Hype.

Twenty One Pilots chose different songs this time around to change up. They revisited big hits like Stressed Out, Heathens and Ride but also some smaller songs like House Of Gold and Tear In My Heart. Even though you can’t really call any song of Twenty One Pilots small.

Pre-orders of the album were available earlier on already, but the band revealed last night that they would be releasing the album on streaming platforms today.

Check out the announcement post and stream the MTV Unplugged album of Twenty One Pilots below!

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Aspen van der Wijst