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Panic! At The Disco Add Arena Show Due To High Demand


Panic! At The Disco’s epic ‘Pray For The Wicked’ tour has been selling out fast. So fast, in fact, that tickets sold out full arenas within just minutes of ticket sales opening causing the band to add another massive date.

Fans took to Twitter to express their wonder (and some aggravation) about how tickets seemed to be flung from their grasp as they rushed to buy their spots. Others are thrilled and amazed they managed to make their purchases in the rush. This led to another London O2 Arena date being added to try to satisfy those hungry to see their favourite band live onstage. 

If you want to hear Brendon Urie serenade you in person at London’s O2 Area on the added date, don’t hesitate! 

Grab your tickets here. 

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Glenn van den Bosch