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Gerard Way Shares Favourite Song From ‘The Black Parade’

With the album turning 15 this year, Gerard Way has shared what his favourite song is from My Chemical Romance‘s 2006 record The Black Parade

In a recent interview with Travis Mills on Apple Music 1, he shared the following:

“I really like Famous Last Words, but I think my favourite is Mama. Oh no, it’s Sleep! That’s what my favourite always is.

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Mama’s really up there, but Sleep… Sleep is my favourite. It’s my favourite alongside Mama to play from the album. I just have a completely nuclear guitar sound. It’s just a complete brutal wall of brutality rather. I like the subject and it’s really just a great one to play live. You could really lose yourself in it and feel it. Sleep and Mama tend to be the two that are my favourites off top.”

Do you share his opinion or do you have a different favourite?

Let us know!

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