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Avril Lavigne Reacts To Longstanding “Melissa” Conspiracy Theory

In a recent appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, hosted by Alex Cooper, Canadian pop-punk icon Avril Lavigne addressed the bizarre internet conspiracy that claims she was replaced by a body double named Melissa Vandella more than two decades ago. This theory surfaced after the release of her highly successful debut album Let Go.

During her first podcast interview, Lavigne was questioned by Cooper about this peculiar rumor. With a humorous tone, Lavigne responded, “Oh… yeah… that one! I know what you’re talking about. I mean, it’s just funny to me. On one end, everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god, you look the exact same, you haven’t aged a day.’ But then other people are like, you know… There’s a conspiracy theory that I’m not me.”

Lavigne, giving a thumbs-up and chuckling, remarked, “Cool. Honestly, it’s not that bad. It could be worse, right?! I feel like I got a good one! I don’t think it’s negative. We’re good!”

She continued to debunk the theory with a laugh, stating, “I mean, obviously I am me – it’s so dumb!” When probed about the origins of such a rumor, Lavigne suggested, “I think that they’ve done that with other artists – I’m not the only one. I think, like, other people have that.”

Fans interested in the full discussion about this rumor can watch the interview, particularly around the 42-minute mark, where Lavigne directly addresses the Melissa Vandella conspiracy.

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