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ALBUM REVIEW: Sleeping With Sirens – ‘Complete Collapse’

On October 14, 2022, Sleeping with Sirens released their newest album Complete Collapse. This has been their first album release since 2019.

I think this album is definitely a nice welcoming return for people of the band. We’ve seen a lot of great returns for bands this year, and it’s nice to see Sleeping with Sirens among them.

The album definitely has some really nice hits. The single Crosses is one that I could see people screaming along to at a live show. When talking about the album, Kellin Quinn described what Crosses is about.

“The song, to me, is about not putting yourself above anyone else. In a world where everyone [pretends to be perfect. I think this song is letting everyone know that we all struggle and we can all rise above it!”

I really believe this album brings a great message that we all needed. The lyrics of each song are packed with so much emotion. Complete Collapse is definitely worth a listen, and I think everyone will find a song on this album that they relate to.

You can give the album a listen below and let us know what you think of it!

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Mara Wesney