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ALBUM REVIEW: Nothing More – ‘Spirits’

Three-time Grammy nominees, and Texas born quartet are back with their seventh album Spirits, which releases October 14th. It features massive rock anthems. The song Tired of Winning is currently in the Top 10 of BillBoard’s Top 20 Active Rock list.

This album documents the turmoil that the world experienced these past two years during lockdown. It captures the desperation and isolation, along with substance abuse, broken relationships, and survival. The overall story of Spirits is to Reflect, Provoke, and Inspire.

The two songs that really stood out to me were Turn It Up Like, and You Don’t Know What Love Means. Both are heavy in not only the music but also in the lyrics as well. The stories of lost friends and broken relationships are brought out in very powerful emotion.

Spirits reflects on not only the bad, but also on the good. Through all the pain experienced, there is also healing. It inspires listeners that although it may seem like the end of the world, we can still pull through. This album is a rollercoaster of emotion, but Nothing More has brought us a hit with these hard, heavy, and powerful songs.

You can check out the album Spirits on October 14th, wherever you stream your music.

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Mara Wesney