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EP REVIEW: Vesperteen – The Hype Is Dead



Vesperteen are back with their new EP “The Hype is Dead” released May 18th, Frontman Colin Rigsy really outdid himself with this new release, it’s full of powerful vocals, heavy techno-beats, and some amazing tunes that will be stuck in your head for days on end.

 The Hype Is Dead by Vesperteen definitely shows off Rigsby’s style. The album has the upbeat lyrics, and includes a powerful synthy sort of night pop sound that is still distinctively “Vesperteen” sounding. Rigsby puts so much energy and emotion into his lyrics, you can tell the songwriting starts at the heart and the sound of it follows after, creating very genuine, meaningful songs.

Rigsby had the help of Josh Dun (the drummer from Twenty One Pilots) on the track Speed of Light, a upbeat song with a strong drum beat that will definitely keep your attention. The chorus of the song is so well written with the lyrics “I stare at stars inside your eyes. Tonight, tonight, tonight, hearts will beat at the speed of light” this song is packed with such an amazing sound and it’s definitely my favourite off of the album.

 Every now and then Vesperteen releases a song like “Shatter in The Night”, “Insane”, and now “Speed Of Light” to remind the world that they can crush the upbeat, powerful hype songs just as much as they continuously crush the indie rock genre they hold true to, and continue to develop on “The Hype Is Dead”.

Another incredible track on Vesperteen’s new release: “Fifteen Minutes”. The track is the opening track of the EP. It’s an introduction to the entire EP in a way with the lyrics “Close your eyes, And bow your head, Welcome to the funeral, The hype is dead
Cross yourself, And pay respect, Believe me when I tell you, that the hype is dead.”

Colin talked a bit about this song on Twitter after it’s release, he told his fans:
Fifteen Minutes" was the last song I wrote for this release. I had the phrase “the Hype is Dead” floating around in my notes for months. In the back of my mind it had already become a theme for whatever my next release would be.
The song is clearly a sarcastic, tongue in cheek expression about my own insecurity in feeling like no one cares anymore. It’s overall a satirical commentary on my own dear and the idea that all anyone will get these days is 15 minutes of fame, so you might as well just give it to me.”

Overall, Vesperteen has always been one of my favourites. The band has really outdone themselves on this album, it’s a big step in their career, and I can’t wait for a tour to form off of this album.
I would recommend checking out this album, because the hype is definitely NOT dead for this rising band!

Review By: Lillian Sebastiano

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