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Pierce The Veil @ Poppodium 013, Tilburg

CONCERT REVIEW: Pierce The Veil’s Triumphant Return To The Netherlands

A year ago, Pierce The Veil set the alternative music world abuzz with the announcement of their European tour, celebrating their new album “The Jaws of Life.” Tickets flew off the shelves, leaving fans buzzing with excitement for months. Finally, last night, the long-awaited concert took place.

The evening kicked off with Dayseeker for us, as we were not in time to watch Holding Absence’s set. Dayseeker had their own reasons for playing shows in Europe, as they recently released a new album and came over to promote their album “Dark Sun.” The band made a strong impression, clearly resonating with the crowd. Many knew their hits like “Sleeptalk” and “Without Me,” and their performance undoubtedly won over new fans among the 3,000 Dutch attendees. A highlight was when Lucas Woodland from Holding Absence joined Dayseeker on stage for a touching performance of “Starving To Be Empty.”

After waiting another 30 minutes, the lights finally went out for the last time that night. It was time, after a year of anticipated wait, for Pierce The Veil to grace the stage in front of 3,000 of their ecstatic Dutch fans to properly promote the release of their album ‘The Jaws of Life’, which saw the band’s older fanbase reignite their passion for the band, as well as introduced a whole new generation to the unique music that Pierce The Veil are cherished for.

The band’s show became a testament to their experience, as well as their capacity to evolve. Older songs like “Caraphernelia” received a very warm welcome from the legion of (mostly) young fans, while new songs also received quite the praise. Pierce The Veil even made space on their setlist for a Nirvana cover of ‘Karma Police’ right before playing the lead single off of their most recent effort, “Pass The Nirvana”. A song which translated exquisitely well to a live rendition. As is common knowledge amongst the PTV fans, the band can also tune the energy knob way down, as they did tonight for songs like “Hold On Till May”, as well as an acoustic rendition of “Bulletproof Love”, showcasing the versatility of the band’s discography.

After taking some time for some slower songs, the energy quickly turned back to mayhem with fueled performances of “Hell Above” and “The Jaws of Life”. Production-wise, Pierce The Veil brought along confetti and CO2 cannons, but the main attraction of the show truly was the music and the fact the band had not been in Europe for an extensive period. Truth is, the band could not have screwed this up even if they tried to, as a lot of the fans sang along so loudly that at times, vocalist Vic Fuentes could not even be properly heard himself. Get a glimpse of what the show looked like in the gallery below and let us know if you are attending any of the upcoming Pierce The Veil shows.


Pierce The Veil

what's happening with Pierce The Veil
Pierce The Veil 2023

Pierce The Veil Announce Tour With LS Dunes, Dayseeker, And Destroy Boys

Pierce The Veil have announced that they will be going on a new tour. The upcoming tour is called The Jaws Of Life Tour and it will be visiting various locations in America.

They will be taking multiple bands with them on this America tour, those bands being: LS. Dunes, Dayseeker and Destroy Boys.

The tour will take a little over a month and will start on November 4th in Sacramento. It will then eventually end on December 8th in San Diego. All 4 bands will be playing at all the shows from the looks of it.

The pre-sale and VIP ticket sale start today and the general sale starts July 28th at 10 AM local time. Check out Pierce The Veil their post out below for tickets and how to get access to the pre-sale. Let us know if you’ll be going to this tour!

what's happening with Pierce The Veil
Pierce The Veil 2022

Pierce The Veil & The Used Announce Co-Headliner Tour With DON BROCO & More

Earlier this week, both Pierce The Veil and The Used posted the same teaser, so we all knew there was something coming that included both bands. Today, the announcement has been made that Pierce The Veil & The Used will be teaming up for a co-headliner tour through the United States of America.

These shows will take place in May and June of this year, and the support will come from DON BROCO, DeathbyRomy and Girlfriends. What a packed line-up.

Tickets for the shows will go on sale this friday, but pre-sale and VIP sale starts today, as revealed in the tweet right below. Are you going to any of these shows? Let us know via social media!

what's happening with Pierce The Veil
Pierce The Veil 2023

Pierce The Veil Release Highly Anticipated New Album ‘The Jaws Of Life’

Pierce the Veil are back with a new album, starring Vic Fuentes, Tony Perry, and Jaime Preciado. Their fifth album The Jaws of Life is a powerhouse of an album. With heavy vocals and beautiful melodies, this album is a welcome back for long time fans of the band. I also recommend it for anyone who hasn’t checked out Piece the Veil. I was never a big fan of their music, only knowing the song ‘King For a Day’.

But this album is a masterpiece. Every song has its own vibe to it. The emotions are brought out through Vic’s vocals and I found myself being whisked away into the story he tells through the lyrics.

Pass the Nirvana was a really good song that almost felt like a throwback to rock/grunge. It had heavy vocals and a different tone from the rest of the album. But it fit in very well.

Emergency Contact had me feeling a little down once I took notice of the lyrics. I feel from this song on, the theme was really brought out. Talking about heartbreak, trust, love, trauma, and depression.

Flawless Execution brings out the feelings of not belonging, and almost feeling like a freak or parasite to others. Wanting to shut yourself away from those you love just to save them.

The Jaws of Life talks about fighting with oneself. It mentioned pointing a gun at the mirror, reflecting on inner demons.

Shared Trauma was a really beautiful, melodic song for the dark theme it brought out. It brings up how you may share trauma with someone, and yet unfortunately it never goes away. Past trauma only goes away when new trauma arises.

I just really love how this album came together. Every song was worth the listen. They all flowed together. The vocals were beautiful, and the guitar work was excellent. The Jaws of Life released today. I highly recommend checking it out, even if you’re not a fan of Piece the Veil. It’s a good listen that is definitely worth your time.

what's happening with Pierce The Veil
Pierce The Veil 2022

Pierce The Veil Announce New ‘The Jaws Of Life’ Tour

Last year, Pierce The Veil announced their new albumThe Jaws of Life, which will release on February 10, 2023 via Fearless Records. This will be their first record in 7 years, since 2016’s Misadventures.

“We’re so proud to announce our fifth studio album, #TheJawsOfLife drops on February 10th, 2023. Recording these songs was an extraordinary experience that brought us closer as a band than we’ve ever felt. We can’t wait for you to hear it,” the band wrote on Twitter.

So far, they have released the singles Pass The NirvanaEmergency Contact and Even When I’m Not With You.

Now, in order to support the upcoming record, the band has announced a Europe/UK tour for 2024.

Tickets will be going on sale this Friday, the 27th of January, at 10 am.

Check out the announcement below and let us know if you plan on attending!

what's happening with Pierce The Veil
Pierce The Veil 2022

Pierce The Veil Release New Song, ‘Even When I’m Not With You

After announcing it yesterday, Pierce The Veil have now released the third single off of their upcoming album.

The album, which is going to be called The Jaws Of Life, will be released on the 10th of February via Fearless Records. This will be their first record in 7 years, since 2016’s Misadventures.

Vocalist Vic Fuentes had the following to say about the upcoming album:

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This album has truly brought us closer than we’ve ever been. It was extremely difficult for us to be off the road and apart for so long. We’ve never missed anything more than playing music together and never had such an strong appreciation for recording, touring, and simply being in the same room together than we do now. The Jaws of Life is about how life can sink its teeth into you and try to devour you. The negativity in the world and within your mind can be a vicious thing. We’re extremely grateful for this record, our fans, and the opportunity to play live music again.”

The new song is called Even When I’m Not With You and follows the first and second single, Pass The Nirvana and Emergency Contact.

Listen to it below and let us know what you think of it!