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Ghost AFAS Live 2023

CONCERT REVIEW: Ghost Bring Their Gospel To Amsterdam In Majestic Show

Ghost were in the Netherlands! It’s only been a year since they last visited but they made sure to make it a great performance. They invited Halestorm to open for them during this show. Halestorm opens for a few more shows during this Ghost tour.

Halestorm recently won the award for ‘Best international Artist’ at the Heavy Music Awards(HME’s) so it was sure to be a good performance by them. The band has some exciting stuff coming up, they have tours with some other massive bands later this year like Black Veil Brides.

The doors opened around 7 PM so we had to wait for around an hour for Halestorm to start performing at 8PM. The start of their performance was already impressive. LZZY Hale, the lead singer, started the performance off with some insane vocals. She kept this up throughout the entire set and she was met with intense cheering from the crowd.

Their set consisted of 14 songs that they played over the course of an hour. Most songs were from their most recent album Back From The Dead but they had a nice mix of other projects throughout their set. They even covered Crazy On You by Heart.

The drummer, Arejay Hale, got the spotlight too around the middle of their set. He had an impressive drum solo while the other band members got to take a little break. He even brought out massive drumsticks that were bigger than his arms. It seemed impossible that he would play even fine with them but he actually sounded amazing.

Halestorm puts on a great show and they have a great stage presence. Check out some pictures we took below!


It was Ghost’s turn next. We had a half hour break in between sets where a massive cloth was put up at the front of the stage. This was so we couldn’t see what was going on on stage.

The stage was finally revealed when Ghost their set started. The cloth came down and we saw a massive steampunk-like stage with stained glass in the background. Church themed but it depicted more Ghost like themes of course.

The drum kit was pretty high up on its own stage surrounded by stairs that led up to them. It was basically the centrepiece of the entire stage. Tobias Forge, the lead singer of Ghost. Or Papa Emeritus IV as he is known in the fanbase often went behind the drums whenever he had a costume change. And there were in fact a lot of costume changes. Some were small but some were also quite big. Even getting on stage dressed as a priest with a lot of jewellery and shiny bits on the outfit. 

As for their performance. Tobias was absolutely amazing. He had a lot of grace whenever he walked around. Kind of prestigious if that makes sense. He also often interacted with the other band members who all wore the same black outfits with black steampunk-like glasses and helmets. The other band members often interacted with each other too, everyone on stage was really playful with each other and it seemed like you were watching a comedic play at times.

Overall, please go to a Ghost concert If you like them even a little bit. The show was definitely one of the better shows this year. They do so many fun things on stage and you’ll be constantly entertained. Halestorm also did a great job at putting on a show so do consider attending one of their concerts if you ever get the chance to. Check out the pictures we took during the set of Ghost below!


what's happening with Ghost

Ghost Announce New EP ‘Phantomime’, Release Cover Of Genesis’ ‘Jesus He Knows Me’

Ghost has recently announced the release of their upcoming EP, Phantomime, and released a cover of GenesisJesus He Knows Me.

The band released a short video titled “Chapter 17” last Friday with the caption “Don’t sleep on this, it will be a Good Friday.

In it, you could see Tobias Forge (as Papa Emeritus IV) struggling with a juice box and handing Papa Nihil a Ghost gold record.

Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, the band premiered a 30-minute video called “Jesus Talk with Father Jim DeFroque“. The video featured DeFroque analyzing and humorously discussing the lyrics of a few songs, including Ministry’s “Jesus Built My Hotrod” and Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” before giving a positive assessment of Genesis’ song. He also spoke with a few call-in listeners about his take on Jesus and music while giving out a phone number for donations.

After the video ended, a countdown started for the premiere of another video. The clip shows DeFroque collecting donations and driving while rocking out to Ghost’s version of Jesus He Knows Me.

Phantomime is set to release on May 18 via Loma Vista Recordings, and fans can now preorder it here.

You can check out the band’s new cover below and let us know what you think of it!

what's happening with Ghost
Ghost at RTM Stage

Ghost Add Summer Shows In Amsterdam & Athens

Ghost are headed out this summer for some headliner shows throughout Europe, with previous announced German headliner shows and festival appearances.

Today, Ghost have added to the already packed schedule and announced 2 new shows, one of which in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and the second one in Athens as part of AthensRocks.

Ghost will take the stage in Amsterdam on the 4th of june with support from Halestorm (just like the German dates).
On the 25th of June, Ghost will play in Athens with support from Candlemass & more to be announced.

Check out the show posters below and let us know if you will be seeing Ghost live somewhere this summer.