what's happening with FEVER 333
Fever333 @ Rock Am Ring 2023

FEVER 333 Release Powerful New Single, ‘HIGHER POWER’

FEVER 333 continue to make waves in the music world with the release of their latest single, HIGHER POWER. This new track is a powerful celebration of resilience and strength in the face of adversity, highlighting the band’s commitment to addressing social issues through their music.

Following the recent release of NEW WEST ORDER, FEVER 333 has quickly followed up with another explosive single. HIGHER POWER was released today, July 17th and comes with a music video.

Jason Aalon Butler explains the deeper meaning behind HIGHER POWER, stating, “There are no diamonds to be produced without pressure. No lessons to learn without trials. ‘HIGHER POWER’ revolves around these ideas and reveres the beauty in the adversity-induced magic performed by marginalized communities.”

He continues, “To exist in a world that challenges your very existence every day to some degree is one of the most magical acts I have ever witnessed. Here is my 2:43 soundtrack offering to that act.”

The song and its accompanying video serve as a testament to the band’s ability to fuse powerful messages with high-energy performances, continuing to inspire and empower their audience.

Check out the video for HIGHER POWER and experience the raw energy and inspiring message that FEVER 333 delivers with this new release.

what's happening with FEVER 333
Fever333 @ Rock Am Ring 2023

FEVER 333 Drop New Track ‘New West Order’ With Impactful Video

FEVER 333 have just unleashed their latest song, New West Order, accompanied by a powerful new video.

Bursting with the signature energy of Jason Aalon Butler and his bandmates, the track is out now via 333 Wreckords Crew / Century Media Records.

New West Order proudly showcases its West Coast hip-hop influences, a significant part of Butler’s life growing up in Inglewood, California.

Commenting on the new release, Butler explained:

“There is an intersectional hotbed where the hood and hardcore meet. For pimps and punks alike to enjoy and celebrate their taboos. 

“This intersection is beautifully represented in Los Angeles and ‘New West Order’ is an unapologetic exploration of my experience as a social variable growing up in LA that I think the world should also have the privilege of being exposed to. https://rocksound.tv/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=ai_ajax&block=4&referrer=rocksound.tv&cookie_check=1&cookie_check_url=1&rnd=8035576197

“It is also the beginning of West Coast gangster rock as a genre and a culture. The beauty in disparity and these nuanced diamonds forged from the pressures we experience in alternative commodities (of all types against the background of our status quo) and, particularly, people of colour. 

“I spent about six years talking about how I felt about these governmental/societal systems and imbalances; now I’m going to talk about why I feel this way and the experiences that shaped such ideologies.”

Check out the new track and its video below.

FEVER 333 have also announced headline dates across the US, Europe, and the UK, kicking off in Los Angeles on October 17th.

Tickets go on sale at 10 am this Friday, June 21st on the band’s website.

Check out the dates and venues in the announcement tweet below:

what's happening with FEVER 333
Fever333 @ Rock Am Ring 2023

FEVER 333 Release New Single ‘Ready Rock’ Ahead Of Second Album

FEVER 333 have released a new song called Ready Rock, their first own new music since last year. They did release a song with Enter Shikari at the beginning of this year, Losing My Grip. Jason Aalon Butler also released a mash-up in which he mixed Linkin Park with 2Pac.

This new song comes out as the first peek at their upcoming second studio album. Ready Rock was made with the help of Grammy Award-winning production team Beach Noise and Justin Beck from Glassjaw.

This new release is happening while FEVER 333 are touring with Enter Shikari.

The new music and the upcoming album are being released through the band’s own label, 333Wreckords Crew, in partnership with Century Media. This collaboration highlights the band’s commitment to controlling their creative output and reaching their fans directly.

You can check out the new song below and let us know what you think of it!

what's happening with FEVER 333
Fever333 @ Rock Am Ring 2023

Rock & Hip-Hop Collide: Fever 333’s Jason Butler’s Epic Mash-Up

Jason Aalon Butler from Fever 333 just blew our minds with a crazy mash-up! He took Linkin Park‘s In the End” and mixed it with 2Pac‘s classic Can’t C Me.

He shared the track on social media, talking about how he’s always been into both hip-hop and rock. In addition, he revealed that he is excited about his new Fever 333 music, but while we wait for that, he wanted to pay tribute to the artists who inspired him.

Breaking Musical Boundaries

“I’ve spent so much of my life at the intersection of hip-hop and rock. Trying to figure out how to fuse the two in a way that underscores an authentic understanding of both. 

“I really feel like this new Fever 333 music I’m sitting on is finally hittin in that way, but since that ain’t out yet I figured I’d pay tribute to artists from those two sides of the spectrum that influenced what you’ll soon here.

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“How many of y’all listen to genres that seem “contradictory” or “guilty pleasures” and are tired of having to fit your enjoyment into a box? How many of y’all FEEL ME & what should I mash next??”

“Thank you 2pac & Linkin Park.”

Check out the mash-up below and get ready for a musical journey that blends the best of Linkin Park and 2Pac.

In case you missed it, you can win tickets for the Enter Shikari Amsterdam show with Fever 333 as the direct support. Don’t miss this chance to see Jason Aalon Butler live!

If you want to enjoy both songs from the mash-up on their own, you can do so below: