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Simple Plan Release First New Album In Six Years

Legendary Canadian pop punk band Simple Plan are killing it with new release, “Harder Than It Looks”.

After much anticipation, Simple Plan is back with a new release that is sure to bring multitudes of pop-punk nostalgia.

A concise thirty-four minute banger of an album containing brand new anthems for all of your angsty needs. Every song brings back memories of Warped Tour and finding your place in this world, a theme the group has stuck tightly to over their iconic career. Both of these are extremely boosted by the feature of Sun 41’s Deryck Whibley on track 2, “Ruin My Life”.

Having been six years since the Quebec Quartet’s last album, “Taking One For the Team”, this new release is a breath of fresh air for fans new and old, and gives us a good reminder that Simple Plan is here to stay.

Overall, Simple Plan’s catchy choruses and melodic introductions paired with their relatable lyrics has once again proven why they’re one of the biggest names in the scene. Check out their new album “Harder Than It Looks”, out May 6th, and be sure to catch them on their tour this Spring/Summer with their Canadian counterparts, Sum 41.

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Zak LaGuardia