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Sabaton Will Be Filming Their Upcoming Netherlands Show

Sabaton just announced that their almost sold out show in the Netherlands will be filmed on May 3rd.

They only posted on Facebook about this saying that they just got clearance to open the final sections of the Ziggo Dome, that being the venue where they will be playing. They’re filming this because it’s quite a landmark in Sabaton’s history according to the band. This is what the band exactly said on Facebook:

“Hello Netherlands! We have now finalised the stage setup and received the clearance we needed to open the final sections of the Ziggo Dome to release the last tickets. We will be playing with a very open stage, so all side view seats will be great. And of course, we have a top notch top sound system that covers the entire arena. We are planning to film this show, since it’s quite a landmark in Sabaton’s history to sell out the Ziggo Dome. There are only a few tickets left. Make sure you’re there!”

This news comes a month before their upcoming tour starts: The Tour To End All Tours. Where take Babymetal and Lordi with them.

Check out the Sabaton tickets for the Amsterdam show here and let us know if you’re exited! Listen to their latest album Heroes Of The Great War below!

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Aspen van der Wijst