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Royal Blood Release ‘Mountains at Midnight’ Of Upcoming Album ‘Back To The Water’

Royal Blood have released the first single Mountains At Midnight of their upcoming album Back To The Water which will release on September 8th.

Mountains At Midnight was first teased with a snippet on their twitter. The snippet had a link which brought you to the music video. They later announced that the song is part of their upcoming album.

The album will feature 10 tracks and the deluxe version of the album will feature 2 more tracks. Check out the track list below:

1. Mountains At Midnight
2. Shiner In The Dark
3. Pull Me Through
4. The Firing Line
5. Tell Me When It’s Too Late
6. Triggers
7. How Many More Times
8. High Waters
9. There Goes My Cool
10. Waves

Bonus tracks:
1. ‘Supermodel Avalanches’
2. ‘Everything’s Fine’

Check out the music video for Mountains At Midnight below and pre order the album here.

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Aspen van der Wijst