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Promotive Release Music Video for ‘This Side Of Me’

Promotive (Jacob OrtizMichael Palma, and Mel Torres) released another music video and single today, titled This Side Of Me.

With the track’s pop-rock beat, catchy melodies, and insightful words, the band touches the topic of the side of a person who is stuck somewhere mentally, with lyrics like, “Stuck in this self-inflicted stasis / Where nothing ever changes / I just can’t seem to pick myself up,” “Where I lay helplessly / While no one sees,” and “No, I want nothing to do with this side of me / I just want to break free / And be myself again.”

This Side Of Me is all about self-reflection,” says Jacob. “It’s about feeling trapped by a version of yourself that you hate, but also acknowledging those same parts of yourself, and wanting to make changes to become the person you truly want to be.”

Unlike their last music video for I.L.Y.M.T.I.H.Mthat had a lot of pink tones, This Side Of Me focuses heavily on dark and light blues, helping to showcase the seriousness of song.

Watch the music video for This Side Of Me below:

Video: Third Rule Creative
Director: Mel Torres
Camera 1: Cassie Cacao
Lighting FX: Jacob Ortiz

Audio: Recorded at Panda Studios
Producer and Engineer: Sam Pura and Theresa Brown

Connect with Promotive:
Website | Facebook | XInstagram | YouTube | Twitch

Listen to This Side Of Me on Spotify:

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