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Promotive Release Music Video For ‘I.L.Y.M.T.I.H.M.’

Promotive (Jacob Ortiz, Michael Palma, and Mel Torres) has a song for you just in time for Valentine’s Day, with their newest single, I.L.Y.M.T.I.H.M., which stands for “I Love You More Than I Hate Myself”.

The energetic pop-rock track is about exactly what the title says, loving someone more than yourself. But it also has a powerful and meaningful message, showcasing how important it is to know how loved you truly are.

With lyrics like, “I love you more than I hate myself / Don’t wanna know another life without you,” “You get me out of my head / When I get stuck in the mess,” and “You’ve seen the darkest corners of / My mind, the parts that I don’t show anyone else / And you still stay,” the band expresses the thoughts people have sometimes, especially if you aren’t feeling your best.

Staying on theme in preparation for Valentine’s Day, Promotive cleverly added a pink backdrop for the music video, along with random pops of pink throughout, whether it be their outfits or the items they were holding. When teasing the song and music video, they even cleared their Instagram page and made their logo and all posts pink to showcase the new era ahead.

I.L.Y.M.T.I.H.M is about the people in your life that pull you out of your dark places, and love you for you,” says Jacob. “It’s also a reminder that no matter who you are or what mistakes you’ve made in the past, that you are deserving of love.”

If you’d like to see Promotive live, their next show will be at Stages in Santa Ana, CA on March 3rd.

Watch the music video for I.L.Y.M.T.I.H.M below:

Video: Third Rule Creative
Director: Mel Torres
Camera 1: Cassie Cacao
Camera 2: Nathan Marriott
Lighting Director: Jacob Ortiz

Audio: Recorded at Panda Studios
Producer and Engineer: Sam Pura and Theresa Brown

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Listen to I.L.Y.M.T.I.H.M on Spotify:

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