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Make Them Suffer Make ‘Contraband’ The New Hot Property

In mid-2020, Make Them Suffer delivered a phenomenal, inspiring, and genre-defining album, shifting them not only into the new realm of metalcore acts, but solidifying their name as one of the most influential since their emergence. ‘How To Survive A Funeral‘, in all its glory, has been left to sit on the shelf- unable to be celebrated due to the ongoing pandemic that surrounds. However, this has not stopped the band from emerging from the depths yet again to put their next best foot forward, resurrecting with brave faces in the continuing path of adversity.

This month, the band released their latest single, ‘Contraband‘. Equipped with not only their killer edge, Make Them Suffer employed the help of Courtney LaPlante, vocalist of a fellow powerhouse, Spiritbox. Together, the faces of the new wave of metalcore combined, creating a hauntingly showstopping single.

With an anthemic, powerful yet delicate chorus, contrasting to the intense and passionate verses, the song creates an ultimate shift in dynamic, and more so, an intense build-up of emotion and depth. A showcase of both LaPlante and Harmanis‘ skilled and developed guttural vocals fosters an inescapable force- one that pushes a wave of vulnerability and truth to the forefront of this track. As a light piano spins you into the darkest corners of ‘Contraband‘, it becomes clear this band holds the ability to weave you into the journey of the music, allowing you to surge through the song just as it does- of course, a testament to Make Them Suffer’s craftsmanship and storytelling capabilities, something that was extremely evident in their latest album.

Hand in hand, Make Them Suffer and Courtney LaPlante have perhaps conjured up one of the strongest releases of the year. Their effortless communication through music echoes onto the final track, with seamless teamwork that sees each member of the track shine in their respective duties. ‘Contraband‘ is a must-listen!

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Georgia Haskins