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Hundreth Release New Single ‘Fantasize’

Hundredth have released their single Fantasize after teasing the release on their social media through a little video snippet of the single.

A welcomed addition to the array of songs Hundredth have already provided their fans!

Unlike songs like Unravel and Break Free, the new single Fantasize gives a very relaxed and youthful vibe, very different from previous albums, however keeping the same upbeat feel as their album Somewhere Nowhere from 2020.

Fantasize is a breath of fresh air, a beautiful simple beat that guides us along the song makes it feel like more of an experience than just something to listen to. Rather than focusing on the downfalls of relationships and heartbreaks, like many other love songs, Fantasize represents what life should be like, free. Free to try what you like, things may go wrong but that’s okay.

Listen to Fantasize below, you won’t be disappointed by what the song has to offer!

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Mia Rose