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Halsey’s Record Label Wants A “Viral Moment” Before Releasing Song

Singer/songwriter Halsey recently took to the popular app TikTok to discuss claims that her record label won’t let her release a new song unless they can create a viral moment on the app.

On Sunday morning, Halsey posted a video saying she can’t release the “song I love” because “my record label won’t let me.” “I’ve been in this industry for 8 years and I’ve sold over 165 million records,” she continues in the 29-second video. “And my record company is saying that I can’t release it unless they can create a viral moment on TikTok.


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After that initial video, Halsey then posted a second video with the text “I wish I was joking lol.” She then took to their Twitter platform to discuss the issue further.

At this point in time, Halsey’s label Capitol Music Group has not commented. Fans of Halsey have suggested everything from her leaking the song (which is to be called We Could Be So Good) to having her boyfriend Alev Aydin leak the song. Halsey remains insistent that they can’t because “the label owns it.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Capitol Music Group has tried to block Halsey from releasing their music. When asked by a fan on Twitter if there were other songs she couldn’t release, she replied “Never been stopped from release like this. It almost happened with Nightmare. But they blocked 3am as a single as well and the Manic era got cut short.

This issue does not start and end with Halsey, however. The musician Sizzy Rocket also took to Twitter, saying, “Halsey’s tik tok only scratches the surface of what’s happening in music right now. Every major label in this industry has called me to write for their viral artists but won’t touch my project bc ‘my numbers aren’t high enough’ that’s why i started my own label…

Using TikTok and its algorithm to help artists go viral is not a new thing. Ever since the launch of the app, singers and bands have been using the platform to promote their projects. It remains to be seen if fans will get the full release of We Could Be So Good.

There is currently a campaign going around on social media to try and get Capitol Records to release the song. You can catch Halsey on her Love and Power tour this summer!

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